Our story begins in 2007 at a friend's Christmas party here in Nashville, TN.  All of the guest in attendance were asked to bring a food or beverage item in potluck fashion.

My wife and I didn't want to bring boring, traditional food items so we made a batch of gourmet treats that included our famous homemade brown sugar pecans. 

Fast forward, our friends, family and even strangers begin to inquire about our gourmet pecans so my wife and I launched Brances Sweets (Brian + Frances = Brances) in 2009 as a way to share our treats with the world. Then, the unexpected happened. My wife became pregnant with our first child (the little bundle of joy in the picture) and we had to put the business on the back burner to take care of our family. 


Well, 10 years and two kids later, that little bundle of joy is now five and has a little sister that is two! They both gave us permission to pick back up our mission to make your life, laughter, and love sweeter, one gourmet treat at a time. We hope to see you soon! 

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